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Ray-J Addresses Fight With Fabolous “I Socked That N*gga In The Face” [Audio]




Ray-J and Fabolous got into a fight over the weekend.

Early reports are that Ray-J punched Fab in the face over some jokes on twitter about Ray J singing atFloyd Mayweather Jr’s house.



You want to diss me and the Money Team, and we got 7 Rolls Royce’s outside. Don’t disrespect me fool,” a heated Ray-J told The Breakfast Club this morning. “N*ggas saying Ray J got beat up? I smacked that n*gga in the face. All I’m saying is if you got Fab’s number tell him to send a picture of his face right now. I’m not playing games with these b*tch a*s n*ggas,” Ray continued. “Don’t disrespect me and Floyd [Mayweather Jr.] like that. I play piano in that motherf*cker every day, that’s my big bro, we grew up together. So if you think I just came over there to sing a song then you got me twisted. I’m always over there.”


Ray was far from done.


I swear to God, he’s running from me right now. I had 100 fools outside [the club]. He never left the club — he was scared up in there. He tried to call the police. Shout out to my big bro Diddy because he tried to be like ‘look they was just going on on you, and it was all fun and games.’ Shout out to Kevin Hart, he’s a comedian, but Fab aint no comedian. My homie saved his life when he was in L.A. His life was threatened by my other dudes, and my other homie saved his life. So how dare you even speak disrespectful to me. So when I seen him I was with Floyd and 50 [Cent], and he tried to say ‘don’t touch me’ and I touched that n*gga.”

5 Responses to “Ray-J Addresses Fight With Fabolous “I Socked That N*gga In The Face” [Audio]”

  1. TIKI Says:

    I hope they resolve that ish quick for real. That was crazy!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    man this fool ray j is a clown trying to sound hard

  3. datboycook Says:

    Man i don’t know RayJ is talking real greasy on Fab.
    Fab what are u going 2 do?

  4. yomama Says:

    lmao @ brandy’s lil brother

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I m gonna rob dat n***a RAY J

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