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October 21, 2017


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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 18, 2017

Omaha Man, Robert Wagner Beaten By Police, Then Charged W/Assaulting Officer [Caught On Tape]

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A video has surfaced that appears to clearly show an Omaha man being brutally beaten by police, even though he is subdued.

Robert Wagner was at Creighton University Medical Center to see a cousin, an alleged gang member, who had been murdered. Wagner reportedly became upset when his girlfriend wasn’t allowed to see his relative.

Police asked Wagner to leave the hospital, which he appeared to be doing when police say he started name calling a female cop, who then ordered him arrested.

At that point Wagner is tasered several times and swarmed by cops who punch and kick him.

Wagner was charged with felony assault on a officer.

Two officers are now on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation takes place.

Former State Senator Ernie Chambers told KMTV that he doesn’t think the police are being held accountable for their actions. He’s asking U.S. Attorney Deborah Gilg to investigate the Omaha Police Department.

Chambers says the beating is “business as usual” for the Omaha PD.

They’re sworn to uphold the law and when those sworn to uphold the law violate it they bring all law into contempt,” says Chambers “I don’t believe that any police agency of any kind of any level can be trusted to investigate itself.”

2 Responses to “Omaha Man, Robert Wagner Beaten By Police, Then Charged W/Assaulting Officer [Caught On Tape]”

  1. informed citizens in omaha,ne Says:

    The mayor’s admin. has absolutely no idea whatsoever what’s going on with the police dept. I know of one cop, who once he has his victim handcuffed behind his or her back so that they are defenseless, he then becomes a real man and beats the hell out of them as they are cuffed behind their back and he will put a spit hood over the victims head at times. Then beat him and knock him to the ground and kick him in the head and keep on kicking. This happens after he takes them to one of his pre-selected spots where he knows he will be out of sight. HIs car camera is always maneuvered around so that this cop cannot be detected. We can be sure that the Omaha Police Dept. has no correspondence with any Omaha hospital. We know that whatever knowledge is relayed between the police and the police dept. according to forms and/or reports will be kept quiet and brushed under the rug. We know that this cop, Andrew Embree (badge #2092), writes his reports so that they cannot be read after using his means of scribbling, and writing small with no real pressure put on his pen to write legibly. We know that whatever information might have gotten to the O.P.D. was run through their system with ordinary business or some means to let it bypass the system. The police, and we KNOW THAT THIS IS TRUE, will pat one another on the back and look the other way. The victim was instructed with murderous threats not to say a word of their assault to anyone and are threatened to plead guilty to ‘resisting arrest’. So, internal affairs cannot act out on any of these kinds of incidents if the terrorized victim falsely pleads ‘guilty’ in front of the judge. So the police run the city.
    If I had the time, I could mention other instances and common occurences about police brutality inside the jail also (the 3rd floor in particular) as well as other places that are videotaped but never seen.

    ANDREW EMBREE (badge #2092) with the O.P.D.”

  2. someone that knows the truth Says:

    ok 1st of all what they dont show in the video is where he is sizing up the cop and starts calling the them names and tells them that one of them are goin to be in the ground with his cousin and they tell him to stop. He doesnt so they atempt to cuff him and he punches the officer, and freaks out. im not saying the whole kicking thing is right but they where defend the officer that got hit by him and he was assaulting an officer, it was not a racial thing there were black and hispanic cop there to.

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