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Fatal Labor Day Shooting In Brooklyn Caught On Video


Police released shocking video today of the controversial Labor Day shooting in Brooklyn that left an innocent woman dead and two officers wounded.

Cops are not sure who fired the bullet that killed a woman outside her home in Crown Heights during a deadly shootout between officers and an ex-con, who shot a man in the neck and then fired rounds at police.

The shocking video shows Eusi Johnson, 29, and his cousin running down the steps of the home of Leroy Webster, 32, on Park Place, near Franklin Avenue, around 9 p.m. on Monday night, cops said.

Webster follows them initially, then can be seen on camera going back into his home to get a gun, and comes out firing, authorities said. Johnson is fatally struck in the neck, and Webster shoots at cops, who fire back at him.

Neighbor Denise Gay, 56, is tragically hit in the head by a stray bullet, cops said.

One of the cops who fired a Glock was Officer Avichaim Dicken, 29, who suffered a graze wound in the firefight. He fired 10 rounds, authorities said.

The other officer who was using a Glock during the firefight has not been identified.

The second officer injured in the incident, Omar Medina, 35, fired a total of 16 rounds from his Smith & Wesson handgun.

8 Responses to “Fatal Labor Day Shooting In Brooklyn Caught On Video”

  1. TIKI Says:

    SMH That’s sad too!!

  2. Jizzel Says:

    he sould of stayed in…

  3. Jizzel Says:

    but he was cutin back at them niggaz

  4. leroys brother 4 life Says:

    better be glad he didnt have a AK47

  5. leroys brother 4 life Says:

    pay back 4 sean bell n timothy stansbury

  6. cypress hills fam Says:

    f**k da police, Leroy is a true soldier, he defended hisself with honor

  7. donofalldons Says:

    honor ! where is the honor in being killed for something so dumb……life is so short

  8. donofalldons Says:

    get money stay alive…..real gs get doe…..quiet money team

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