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Russian Dude Touches 1000 Random Women’s Breasts FTW!


Want to get a million viral views in a day? Post a video of yourself touching 1000 random women’s breasts and not getting arrested for it.

Apparently this was some kind of stunt by Russian parody video makers My Duck’s Vision. The mission seemed to be documenting all 1000 of the breast touches, then shaking the hand of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin afterwards.

How that makes any sense, I have no idea, but the video is pretty funny. And the guy only got bitten once, lol.


4 Responses to “Russian Dude Touches 1000 Random Women’s Breasts FTW!”

  1. beaulieu.jj Says:

    At the end, he mentionned that it is in Russia where you can find the best prietty girls. This guy is wrong, totally wrong, it is in QUÉBEC, Cananda where you can find the best and prietty looking girls in the wold. Believe me.

  2. ACE Says:

    Thats a lot of tiddy ha ha

  3. Kwe the barbarian Says:

    Damn 39 gave me a boner and they should put bloopers cause i know he has been Smacked Many times !!! I liked the Triple combo do Great Finisher.

  4. grim Says:

    is that the new way of saying hi.?????

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