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Soulja Boy – Soulja Hova


Soulja feeling like a young Jigga

6 Responses to “Soulja Boy – Soulja Hova”

  1. D-Boy Says:


  2. JoeM Says:

    This muthafucka right here…

    Boy I tell ya.

    I’m steadily waiting for this n***a to go bankrupt so I won’t ever have to hear this bullshit again.

    How the f**k you get WORSE as a rapper son… I would of thought if you the worst rapper alive you could only go up but god damn you proved me wrong soulja boy. Now get the f**k outta here with this bullshit. C’MON SON!

  3. Lomax Says:

    Dear Soulja Boy,
    There is a saying that I tell my troops. (one I made up) ” You can do anything you want. You can say anything you want, but there will always be consequences for your actions.” There are roughly 1,129,275 soldiers in the U.S. Military, and when we are not busy protecting your rights as a citizen, (including free speech) we tend to mingle with the civilian population. (clubs, shopping malls, car shows, concerts, you get the picture) You can say F-the troops all you want. Freedom of speech is your right, but eventually, one of us will be standing right next to you, and you won’t even know it. I don’t condone violence, but all I can say is, Rest peacefully homie. Sgt. Lomax ironmanOIF 2xVet hopefully more #realsoldier

  4. PunchLine Says:

    wow, days like these I wish we had slavery back. He is makin all of us look bad. I wish when michael jackson died, soulja boy woulda said, “no God, take me instead!” and God woulda said, “you right”, and did it. man. I’m switchin to country music.

  5. Alazars Says:

    hej soulja boy i love you mycke bra music

  6. teddy Says:

    yall some hating a*s niggas real s**t yall mad cause yall cant make that s**t look easy stop hatin and go get some money

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