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Soulja Boy – Let’s Be Real


New music from the SODMG boss

5 Responses to “Soulja Boy – Let’s Be Real”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Soulja boy is a n****r piece of s**t and should hang from a tall fucking tree…

  2. HATEWEEK! Says:


  3. Lomax Says:

    Dear Soulja Boy,
    There is a saying that I tell my troops. (one I made up) ” You can do anything you want. You can say anything you want, but there will always be consequences for your actions.” There are roughly 1,129,275 soldiers in the U.S. Military, and when we are not busy protecting your rights as a citizen, (including free speech) we tend to mingle with the civilian population. (clubs, shopping malls, car shows, concerts, you get the picture) You can say F-the troops all you want. Freedom of speech is your right, but eventually, one of us will be standing right next to you, and you won’t even know it. I don’t condone violence, but all I can say is, Rest peacefully homie. Sgt. Lomax ironmanOIF 2xVet hopefully more #realsoldier

  4. Alexs heath ( real name) Says:

    Lol hahahahaha really really n***a that how u feel. Well I tell u what souja b***h if one of my soldier brothers dont reach out and touch you, I most def will do my best to dont get cought walking around the cities close fayettville ,nc cuz I promis ya this one soldier that gone reach out and do a lil more then touch you. F**k yo freedom of speech, ill make u sure its taking from u B***H. Sgt HEATH airborne

  5. crom_666 Says:

    mother fucker i come from a military family just because you have the freedom of speech in this country dosent mean you should be disrespecting the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect sorry fucks like you. fuckface you just fucked up bigger than s**t, you have no idea and just so you know this is not gonna blow over it dosent matter who you surround yourself with or how much money you have someone is gonna reach out and touch you. you dont know s**t about being hard, just wait its gonna happen when you least expect it, and no one is gonna feel sorry for ya and you have no one to blame but yourself you ignorant commie p***k b*****d.

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