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September 16, 2017


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September 14, 2017

Damn Shame: 20 Year Old Murdered (Shot 4 Times W/AK-47) @ Detroit Club Over Pair Of Sunglasses


“Words just can’t explain how my heart (feels) on the inside. It (feels) like it’s going to bust,” said Celeta Mapp Davis.

The mother is now part of a group whose ranks are growing far too fast. Her 20-year-old son, Bryant Davis,was murdered early Sunday morning at the 24 Karatnightclub on Detroit’s west side. His brother said it all started over a pair of sunglasses.

“He had gotten into an altercation with a gentleman there about some glasses that he was wearing that were similar to the guy’s,” Christopher Owens explained. “The guy accused my brother of stealing his glasses.”

Family members said Bryant and his alleged killer had never even seen each other before.

“He called me on the telephone and he said, ‘Mom, could you get up here? I don’t know what’s going to happen,'” Davis told FOX 2’s Alexis Wiley.

The two got into a fight and the accused murderer was asked to leave. However, he reportedly came back with an assault rifle and shot Bryant Davis not once, but 14 times.

“It’s really tragic that my brother’s life could be ended over a pair of glasses,” Owens said.

Bryant Davis is one of five people murdered in Detroit between 6:00 a.m. Friday morning and 6:00 a.m. Monday morning. That number doesn’t include the 22 non-fatal shootings that also happened during those 72 hours. Those numbers are staggering, but if you want to know the true price of all this violence, talk to a mother.

“It’s hard to know that somebody could murder him the way that they did,” said Davis. “This shouldn’t be happening to people.”

If you know anything about this fatal shooting, you are asked to call Detroit Police.

3 Responses to “Damn Shame: 20 Year Old Murdered (Shot 4 Times W/AK-47) @ Detroit Club Over Pair Of Sunglasses”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t ware sunglasses at night retards!!!

  2. TIKI Says:

    That was so stupid!! Shot 14 times over a pair of sunglasses!! Smh. Another senseless murder and an innocent life lost.

  3. TIKI Says:

    I really hope they find that loser, quick, fast and in a hurry because he really don’t need to be on the streets at all.

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