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July 22, 2017


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July 22, 2017


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July 21, 2017

San Diego Cop Gets Shot In The Neck During Stand-Off With Child Killer


San Diego police officer is lucky to be alive after being shot in the neck during a stand-off with a murderer.

32-year old Kevin Collier went on a deadly rampage Sunday (August 21), killing his mother-in lawBeverli Rakov and 14 month old daughter Rhilee, before getting into a firefight with police.
28-year-old Jarred Slocum was one of the cops responding to the scene that day when he shot in the neck.

Video footage shows Slocum clutching his neck after being hit. He was eventually dragged to safety by his partner. He’s currently listed in stable condition.

Collier then set fire to the home he was holed up in. His charred remains were found later.

Meanwhile the killer’s estranged wife Alyssa Rakov, said she’s now left with nothing.

My mom was my best friend and my daughter was my world,” Rakov told NBC San Diego. “I grew up in the house that is no longer a house, so not only are my daughter’s pictures gone, but my whole family’s pictures are gone. I don’t have any proof they existed because he took that from me too

5 Responses to “San Diego Cop Gets Shot In The Neck During Stand-Off With Child Killer”

  1. Huey Says:

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  2. do deez Says:

    ^fuckin crazy lol

  3. Anonymous Says:

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  4. Nate b Says:

    Yea your an idiot, f**k you. Your as bad as the asshole who killed his little girl.

  5. Reggie Says:

    People that leave such idiotic and negative statements about this matter are no better than the animal that killed in innocent woman and his own kid, I mean words just escape me.

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