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Panic grips fans during shooting near Mexico soccer match [Amateur Footage]


Families attending a championship soccer match at Santos Laguna stadium in Torreon, Mexico on Saturday (August 20) had to duck for cover as a violent gun battle took place just outside the stadium.

The game between Monarcas of Morelia and Santos Laguna was halted at the 40-minute mark as players and coaches ran for the dressing rooms.

This doesn’t sound good,” the announcer says in Spanish according to the L.A. Times. “Let’s hope this doesn’t get out of control.

People in the stands can be heard whimpering as the gunshots continued. Luckily nobody was injured, but the incident further illustrates Mexico’s continued battle against gun violence.

The Mexican Soccer Federation issued a statement Monday trying to assure fans that going to games is still safe.

It is clear that the incident that occurred on Saturday at the stadium had nothing to do with internal matters or soccer,” Decio de Maria said. “Although it can be improved,[the security] was very effective in controlling a situation that could have turned out much more disastrously,”

Over 40,000 people have been murdered in Mexico over the last five years. Almost all of the killings have been drug related.

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