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Donald Trump Says Mac Miller Is The New Eminem


trump is bugging

4 Responses to “Donald Trump Says Mac Miller Is The New Eminem”

  1. TIKI Says:

    Mac sounds nice but I wouldn’t say he’s the next Em. I wish him the best in his career tho.

  2. TIKI Says:

    I meant to say Mac sounds nice but I wouldn’t say he’s the NEW Em.

  3. DaneLarson Says:

    How can a Grown Man like Donald Trump talk such stupid s**t on TV???? WTF!!!!?

  4. mini Says:

    I am from the Eminem generation and a huge fan of his. I DO get the Eminem comparison. Mac does not look like Em, sound like Em, or even have as close to good a talent…YET. How Mac DOES compare to Eminem is that he is a very young MC (like Em when he got his start), he is already a solidly established rap icon that represents his generation (like Em was to me and millions of others my age when he debuted) and most importantly, Mac has brought something to the rap game that no one has ever seen before (like Eminem in his day). To elaborate on the last bit, his lyrics, angle, and image are unlike any other successful MC out there, now or ever. The same was true when Eminem came onto the scene in his day. Audiences were perplexed and shocked by his lyrics and the approach he took to rap. Mac’s lyrics boast of a care free, fun, and infectious lifestyle. His immense popularity is also resounding of what Eminem’s once was. Mac’s youtube views are consistently in the millions, with several at over 25 million views and his “Donald Trump” vid at over 50 million views! You also have to admit that with videos like “Party on 5th Ave” and “Frick Park Market” he is taking a page out of Em’s signature wacky videos” One thing that Mac has achieved that no one else in the rap game can claim, is a mass following so huge that even without a major record deal, his first album debuted at #1 on the billboard charts. His insanely populous fan base was built through a creative marketing strategy that is homegrown, with no professional marketing intervention or help. His current status was built up through the grape vine. No other artist has been as successful as he through this method.

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