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Riff Raff SODMG – Body Bag Full Of Coke


Riff Raff and company

5 Responses to “Riff Raff SODMG – Body Bag Full Of Coke”

  1. OG_Kush_Status Says:

    These have got to be the worst “rappers” the lil dude with the braids didn’t even rhyme on beat. Wack a*s mother fuckers, these white boys need to stop, see this is why Nas said Hip Hop was dead and he’s right.

  2. skriller Says:

    this is so fucking s**t. How this gets play in hip hop or respected is beyond me.

  3. JoeM Says:

    Man this is fucking sad..

    Bunch of fake a*s dudes rapping about being drug addicts.. you telling me this is what hip hop is today?.. f**k this s**t, I’m gonna have to shoot myself watching this.

  4. GetMoney Says:

    the only one that even came off decent was the chubby n***a, but the rest of them are COMPELTELY HORRIBLE, the braids was the worst though lmao.. #StopIt

  5. Anonymous Says:

    you dumbasses dont even know the background of riff raff and his team lol they make fun of rapping and do it for meer amusment. None of this is obviously true you dumbasses and they themselves said they have no contribution to the game

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