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Gunmen Open Fire Into Bus In Philly After Woman Calls Them Following Dispute With Passenger


First on Fox: Dramatic video shows gunmen shooting right into a Septa bus in Philadelphia and threatening passengers during an incident in July.

The case is heading to trial later this month but a preliminary hearing was held Thursday.

Four people will head to trial after Penny Chapman, allegedly upset that another passenger criticized her for spanking her child, called and asked for acquaintances to shoot at the passenger when the bus got to her stop.

Chapman was on the Route 47 Septa bus heading north on 7th Street.

The video shows her son running up and down the aisle. Finally she grabs the squirming child, and appears to slap him.

A man sitting behind her doesn’t like what he sees, so he threatens to turn her in for child abuse.

Chapman then made a phone call, prosecutors said. Minutes later, she got off the back door of the bus. Prosecutors say the boy’s uncle, Angel Lecourt, is waiting for them outside.

Lecourt helps them off, and then holds the door for brothers Karon and Raheen Patterson, who start firing into the bus with a large assault rifle and a handgun.

The video shows a mother grabing her four-year-old son and running for cover. A man sitting right by the back door is frozen, and can only slump back in his seat. And this 80-year-old woman doesn’t know what to do.

“You see her very clearly because she doesn’t actually see what’s going on. She’s sort of left standing in the middle of the bus as everyone has sort of separated all the way to the front or all the way as far as they could go to the back,” said Morgan Model Vedejs, assistant District Attorney.

The elderly woman finally drops and covers her head, just a moment before a bullet flies right over her and shatters a window.

“At least five of the bullets came right through the back door, several of them then came through the side,” said Vedejs.

Many of the other passengers ran toward the front of the bus, and piled on top of each other, desperate to get off. The man who criticized Chapman’s parenting– the target of all those bullets, according to prosecutors– dove right on top of that four-year-old boy.

The bus driver then gunned it, and got left the scene.

The bus was carrying 10 to 15 passengers at the time of the shooting.

The trial starts on August 26th.

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  1. TIKI Says:

    That was crazy! Smh

  2. Ninjanoise Says:

    why did she make that phone call. and the dudes who showed up in her defense are corny. the other day my friend was coming home from doing a roofing job and when i pulled up in my car there was 5 large 250pound grown women arguing with him about beer cans in the yard. Their 10 little kids were running around everywhere while they were trying to get get gangsta with him. Then the females sent their old a*s dad to confront my boy, he was like 60 years old. I stepped in to keep the old man from getting laid out. The Fat Unemployed ladies, stayed talking smack and then called their babies daddies and they came with pistols, and also called the the Chinese landlord who showed up at the same time, and they started complaining about us to him. Getdafuckouttahere.

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