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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

Sherri Shepherd Of The View Goes Off On Doug Lamborn For Calling President Obama A Tar Baby


Sherri Shepherd lashed out at Rep. Doug Lamborn, the Colorado Republican who likened President Obama to a “tar baby.”

Lamborn made the comments on a radio show last week, saying that associating with Obama was like “touching a tar baby.” By Tuesday, he hadapologized, but that wasn’t good enough for Shepherd.

Speaking on “The View,” she blasted Lamborn for the comments, and said that she was tired of giving people who make racially-charged comments about Obama the benefit of the doubt.

“We’ve been letting people slide,” she said. “How many times we gotta give you a pass?”

Katie Couric, who was co-hosting the show, said that the Uncle Remus stories where the term originated were once thought of as inoffensive. Now, though, she said that, since they were now viewed as derogatory, to use “tar baby” as Lamborn did was “questionable,” “sketchy” and “stupid.”

Shepherd then let lose with an angry monologue:

“I’m tired of giving people a pass going, and then they do an apology and say I didn’t know. I’ve never heard a purist call Nixon, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, a tar baby. I don’t care. …Everybody’s using these things for Barack Obama and I say, I think you know exactly what you’re saying and it’s so much in your heart, the racism, you can’t even help it. It freaking comes out!”

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  1. Zonique30 Says:

    Compton High School in California and they go by! Home of the Tar Baby’s!!

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