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Scar Dirty – DIRTY MODE [User Submitted]


Scar Dirty brings you the video to Dirty Mode, from the new album The Dirty Truth.

5 Responses to “Scar Dirty – DIRTY MODE [User Submitted]”

  1. Playa Playa Says:

    50 need to sign dude…He sound harder then buck……We’ll play him out here in Texas fa sho

  2. Dooder Wood Says:

    “Um excuse me” gotta put Dirty on this guy is bad a*s, went too see him in the club in GA, great night!

  3. Buckley Says:

    I went to college in South GA about 6 years ago and hadn’t heard of Scar…the other day some people where I work in New York are like “did you ever see Scar Dirty live?” lol, small world–but music is sick!

  4. DylanXZX Says:

    50 really need to sign Scar Dirty he is SICK!! man make his dream come true 50,and you know you want him.

  5. SDMC Says:

    Book Scar Dirty for a show call 404-507-2781

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