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Mexico Prison Massacre Caught On Tape: Artistas Asesinos and Mexicles gang members use Machine Guns To Kill 17, Injure 72

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At Mexico’s state run Cereso prison in Juarez, the inmates really are running the asylum.

On Monday a group of prisoners somehow got their hands on machine guns and assault rifles before attacking a group of rivals, killing 17 people including a woman, and injuring 72 others. All of it was captured by surveillance cameras.

The footage shows two inmates talking to two guards, who then walk away. Seconds later the prisoners are seen unlocking a holding cell allowing several gunmen to enter it and start firing. The gunmen can even be seen reloading their weapons.
Investigators found 729 shell casings from the one minute and 40 second attack.

The El Paso Times reports that the massacre was carried out by Artistas Asesinos and Mexicles gang members associated with drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. They are reportedly at war with the Carrillo Fuentes backed Aztecas.

Investigators say that the Artistas Asesinos and Mexicles also threw a party before the attack. Four females including a 15-year old were smuggled into the prison. Several guards may also have been present.

400 inmates were tested for traces of gunpowder and an AR-15 rifle was recovered. Investigators are still looking for five other guns that were used according to ABC-7.

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