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LMAO: Richmond, California Teen Uses Street Smarts To Fight Off Bear Attack In Alaska “I Kicked Him Right In The Face. He Was Done After That – KOed”


RICHMOND, Calif. — Sitting in the living room of his Richmond home, his leg bandaged for a bear bite wound, Victor Martin retold a story of courage, survival and perseverance.Martin was in a group of teens taking a survival course in the Alaska wilderness when a grizzly attacked, badly mauling two of the youngsters and injuring Martin and others.As the bear attacked, Martin fought off the engaged creature.“I looked at him,” said Martin surrounded by his family members. “I kicked him right in the middle of his face. He was done after that — KOed. You don’t mess with me…I was scared but still where I’m from (Richmond) you don’t play that.”Martin is referring to the violent streets of his hometown where nine people have been murdered in the last month.“It’s not my time,” he told KTVU. “I still have a lot to do — a lot to accomplish.”However, the bravado of the moment does give way to the anxiety of the hours awaiting help, tending to the two severely injured teen.“It wasn’t fun,” Martin told KTVU. “Terrifying — but I’m a religious guy. I believe in God. I believe there is nothing he can’t do. So I take whatever energy he gives me and move forward.”Martin said all the campers showed deal of courage and teamwork following the attack.“I did my share. It wasn’t as if I was alone,” he told KTVU. “There were other people there. I did my share. I felt everyone put their life on the line.”Martin said after the bear was driven off, the group was concerned there would be another attack.“Other than dealing with the attack – that was definitely the hardest part,” he said. “The whole time we were worried what if the bear comes back. You got two people who can’t walk and I’m limping. What do you do?”Martin said his leg wound was painful and a reminder of the ordeal.“I’m in pain,” he told KTVU. “It’s a bite and I’ll leave it at that.”The group was attacked over the weekend and rescued early Sunday after activating their emergency locator beacon and tending to the wounded.The bear attacked as they group lined up for a river crossing in the Talkeetna Mountains, north of Anchorage. Those in the back of the line heard the warning, and the two at the front were most seriously injured, authorities said.The teens were taking part in an outdoor education course from the National Outdoor Leadership School, which leads many such excursions in Alaska and elsewhere.Another group of seven students and three instructors waited about six miles away for a helicopter hired by the Lander, Wyo.-based NOLS, said Bruce Palmer, a spokesman for the organization.Palmer said the worst injured with bear bite wounds are Joshua Berg, 17, of New City, N.Y., and Gottsegen. They were being treated at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage.Berg was in in serious condition and Gottsegen was upgraded to good from serious, a hospital spokeswoman said.Gottsegen said that the first person to go around a corner yelled that there was a bear and then started running backward. Then Gottsegen said he looked behind him and saw the bear so he started running.He said the bear tackled him on the way down on a hill.”I thought I was going to die when I was being attacked. I was so scared,” he said from his hospital bed.When the bear broke off the attack, the teens activated a personal locator beacon they carried for emergencies, trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said.The Rescue Coordination Center operated by the Alaska Air National Guard called troopers around 9:30 p.m. to report the activated signal. A trooper and pilot in a helicopter located the students in a tent shortly before 3 a.m.They decided the two most seriously injured would need a medical transport aircraft.The trooper and another student stayed with the badly injured teens for four hours until more rescuers arrived in a specially equipped helicopter, Peters said.

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