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Power99 Radio Personality Tazz Daddy Confronts Kreayshawn About Her Use Of The N-Word

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While in Philadelphia recently promoting her hit song “Gucci Gucci” Kreayshawn got called out byPower99’s Tazz Daddy for using the n-word.

It’s obvious somebody over at Columbia Records has been trying to coach the Oakland native about how to handle this controversial situation, because she denies using the word despite there being evidence that proves otherwise.

Instead of owning up to it, Kreayshawn throws fellow White Girls Mob member V-Nasty under the bus as the one who uses the word.

I don’t say that… that’s V-Nasty,” she tells Tazz. “When we were in Oakland before everyone was staring at us, I was like ‘I don’t care if she says it.’ But now that everyone is freaking out thinking I’m saying it I’m like ‘come on Vanessa [V-Nasty] just stop.

That’s a complete contradiction to what the rapper told Voice-Online last month.

If I’m freestyling and I said it, that’s just for that point in time. Any songs I’m writing I don’t use it,” she said at the time. “In Oakland, Asian people will call Mexicans that. A Mexican will call a black dude that. A white person will call an Asian that. Everyone calls each other that. I feel like that word is used in the low-income community more than anything. I can see if I was some rich crazy trick and I was just saying this because it’s hip-hop. I was raised around this. Me and my sisters were all raised around this. People call me that. But personally I’m not flaunting it around.”

Kreayshawn also wrote this on twitter at around the same time: “People are actin so funny omg lol… I got 200k views… not 200k dollars…WTF YOU WANT FROM A N*GGA?! DMX VOICE.

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