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WTF? Washington Woman Tries To Sell Her 3-Day Old Infant For $500!

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The woman accused of trying to sell her baby at a Taco Bell appeared in front of a Clark County judge Monday.

She was arrested for trying to sell her 3-day-old baby for between $500 and $5,000 to a woman at a Taco Bell off of Highway 99 in Vancouver on Friday.

Heidi Lynn Gasaway, 35, also goes by her maiden name, Heidi Lynn Knowles. Her father, John Knowles, said in a telephone interview Monday he had no idea his daughter was considering selling her child. A close friend who came to Gasaway’s first arraignment said she believed Gasaway may have been suffering from symptoms of postpartum depression and that she had tried to find a homeless shelter. Both described a desperate woman who was turned away from homeless shelter. A much different portrait than the woman described in court documents as intoxicated when police arrested her for allegedly trying to sell her baby to a woman at Taco Bell.

Gasaway walked into court with a braid, covering her face but by the time she went before the judge her hair was down.

The 35-year-old mother was staying at the Kay’s Motel about three blocks away from where she was later arrested. The motel manager, Patty Morris, said Gasaway’s father had been paying for her to stay there two nights when the police came.

“When I went into her room the baby was clean it was obviously fed because it wasn’t crying it was usually napping like new babies do,” said Morris. “It was always centered in the middle of the bed she seemed to be doing a good job.”

Morris also says the 35-year-old mom told her the baby was her sixth child. That little boy is now in protective custody.

Meanwhile, the Clark County judge set bail at $50,000.

Gasaway faces up to five years behind bars if convicted on the charges of trying to sell her baby.

She will go before a judge again at the end of the month and is also facing outstanding charges for theft and drug possession out of Benton County.

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  1. TIKI Says:

    That’s really sad and I’m happy that the baby is safe now because to be honest we don’t know what would have happened to him if depending on the hours and days she was willing to keep trying to sell him.


    Damn b***h..You couldve hit one of those strip clubs and get that bread.Dumb coke head!

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