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Fight & Stabbing That Led To The Death Of High School Football Star, Isayah Muller Caught On Tape


On the day Isayah Muller should have been celebrating graduating from his Bronx, New York high school, he wound up losing his life over a $200 bottle of cologne.

Isayah and his family were leaving his graduation on June 28 when his father Andre, noticed the bottle of cologne missing, He turns around to confront the parking lot attendants, accusing them of stealing the cologne.

What happens next is all caught on just released camera footage.

Andre is seen arguing with two attendants before completely losing it. He punches one of the attendants in the face, then picks up a snow shovel and attacks them with it.

At that point Isayah got involved, fighting with one of the attendants, who stabbed him in the chest.

His family rushed the 19-year old football star to a clinic, but he died within hours.

10 Responses to “Fight & Stabbing That Led To The Death Of High School Football Star, Isayah Muller Caught On Tape”

  1. dizzman Says:

    if i was the parking attendant id have stabbed the meat out of everyone in the room ! other attendant would likely have got poked to !! shiiiittt niggas swingin shovels an fists in that small area !! i aint mad at homie for the sword play !!

  2. 13 Says:


  3. TIKI Says:

    That was so said and so uneccessary.

  4. big time Says:

    thats not self -defence at all.self-defence is when i hit you with a stick you ,have the right to hit me with a stick. the kid used his fist,which means the parking attendent had to use his fist. yes stupid a*s father went into the room with a shovel , but the guy had a damn sword. 200.00 dollars stupid got to live with this s**t now. dad must think this is the 80s or the 90s people don’t fight any more ,they shot they stab and they jump your a*s!!!!

  5. thinkAboutit Says:

    Big time, Make some type of sense when you type because self -defense is protecting yourself. Which the parking attendant did to protect themselves. I BLAME everything on the father for putting his son in the BULLSHIT. bIG TIME YOU are right about one thing dudes don’t fight anymore because they don’t want that a*s whipping. LOCK THE FATHER A*S UP for being A*S. I’m Done!

  6. Huey Freeman Says:

    Everybody wants to point the finger at whom should be incarcerated, when the real tragedy of this situation is that young Isayah Muller is dead. God bless him, and his family; may he rest in peace. He did not have a man for a father and that 3 minute scuffle that Andre Muller initiated cost him his son. I would never jeopardize my family in any way by putting them in danger, or forcing them to act in a way that could get them arrested. Andre will have to live with his decisions for the rest of his life. R.I.P Isayah.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    that s**t is on his pops i would not ever put my kid in a spot like taht he got his son killed for bullshit $200 how can you be mad at dude for protecting himself some body run up you and you try to run and close door they but in and f**k you up you got a righ to stop them from hurting you even if you got to kill them what
    if niggas ran up on your mom office at work at did then what its ok ? you fight you take a chance with you life

  8. Jp Says:

    Thats why you dont punch a n***a when hes on the floor, you kick him.

  9. Kayla Says:

    The son didn’t diserve to die but the dad was out of pocket. Really, over a dumb a*s 200.00 bottle of cologne. Was it that serious? Now he gotta lay his son in the gound cuz he don’t know how to solve problems like normal people, or cut your losses. What a shame grown a*s men gotta act like kids when s**t get bad. I feel sorry for the next kid he bout to have, maybe he will learn how to act from this point on. Stupid a*s.

  10. Billy_Not_Really Says:

    This is truly sad.. look at the pictures of this ghetto pos dad.. trying to look like bobby brown or some s**t.. to say he’s a ‘typical n**ger’ would only give someone like him an excuse to act so retarded. What he did wasn’t just chance occurrence type behavior. This dumbass represents an entire generation of black male mental midgets that really shouldnt even have had children in the first place.

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