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Dr. Dre Presents Diddy with ASCAP Award


ASCAP’s 24th Annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards were held yesterday (June 24) in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Dre took time away from his ‘Detox‘ recording sessions to present Diddy with the ASCAP Founders Award.

Puff has been a creative force behind some of our biggest hits and has help push rap music into the worldwide industry that it is today,” Dre said. “He also introduced us to one of the greatest emcees of all time the Notorious B.I.G.. I’ve had a chance to expereience his hustle myself, so I know he’s no joke. I’ve been inspired, I’ve been motivated by this man’s hustle.

Give it up for Dre and the gym,” Puffy said when he took the podium, joking about Dre’s muscles. “Yall don’t know how happy I am right now. I truly appreciate this. The feeling of just being acknowledged by your peers. I don’t know if ya’ll know my favorite producer in the world ’cause we in a room of producers and writers. … Dr. Dre my whole life has just been my favorite producer.

3 Responses to “Dr. Dre Presents Diddy with ASCAP Award”

  1. anonymous Says:

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  2. anonymous Says:

    2pac exposed dr dre being a bisexual….rite when diddy n dre shook hands he tried 2 give him a kiss LMAO…..they both gay sellouts..2PAC 4 LIFE

  3. Larisa Says:

    Off Topic: I love the Groupon reference at the end. A buisness model based on 50% for the service receiver, 25% for Groupon the buisness, and only 25% left over for the service provider. Guess what, not too many service providers are going to keep coming back to that buisness. I think the relationship between Kobe, Nash and Howard is going to be the most interesting story of next season. It is not immediately clear to me that Nash and Howard are just going to defer to Kobe, especially not if Kobe continues to shoot around 43%. Nash is probably smart enough to realize that shooting like that doesn’t win games and Howard has both a significant ego, fantastic physical skills and the potential to be an MVP candidate every year during his prime. Howard isn’t going to want to defer touches (and thereby his legacy) to SG shooting 43%. And he might not just accept it like Bynum and Gasol did.

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