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Mistah FAB Defends V Nasty & White Girl Mob Using The N-Word


Fab’s opinion won’t change many people’s minds on this subject

2 Responses to “Mistah FAB Defends V Nasty & White Girl Mob Using The N-Word”

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  2. truthis Says:

    Alright Mistah Fab I want you to watch the video about the black man from Jackson, Ms and tell me that the same ish from 60 years ago aint happening today … tell me that people still aint raising they kids to HATE Black people … tell me that you would let a mf’er commit a crime like this one cause they “mobbin” get the fk outta here …. you don’t see black rappers calling White people hunkies on they raps … VNasty and Kreayshawn aint calling each other crackers and tryna get on. She robbed somebody and just got out of jail was it because she needed street cred?? She steady saying the “N” word in her raps is it cause she need contreversy to get attention?? If she from the hood and she keep it real let it be that. If she out here strugglin and she love hip hop so much that that’s her way out the hood let it be that but to steady blurt out the “n” word when its black people out here still getting killed or beat up or talked about because they are black hell yeah she stepping outside of her lane.Eminem aint have to use the “N” word to murder rappers and make it to the top … she need to take notes cause she will eventually get dealt with.

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