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Young Jeezy Featuring Lil Wayne – Ballin


off ‘Thug Motivation 103’ coming soon

2 Responses to “Young Jeezy Featuring Lil Wayne – Ballin”

  1. JoeM Says:

    This song is whack… this video is whack, jeezy trying to be pac in above the rim..

    I like Jeezy too, but I’m sick and tired of all this retarded rap s**t that all sounds the same.. f**k lex luger for starting this bullshit as sound.

  2. swa bugatti Says:

    fuk what u talkn bout lil homie this video is fukn gangsta and so what he imitates pac n above the rim how many movies get rean-acted threw music videos…plenty… i mean the sound i can agree with im tired of all the street s**t to all the time i wana c where he lyricaly actualy talkin bout sumthn relivant but as far as the video and concept the shits tuff and goes perfect with the song…

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