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Rashard Lewis Denies Smashing Lebron James’ Baby Mama


Rashard says the rumors about Lebron need to stop

3 Responses to “Rashard Lewis Denies Smashing Lebron James’ Baby Mama”

  1. lmao Says:

    stay away from the rumors!!!!!

  2. Tiki Says:

    That is so bogus to spread a rumor like that. She wouldn’t do that. They have been a nice happy family. I think it’s true that putting a rumor out to mess with LeBrons head was a motive though. He should know better than that though. I guess that’s how it is in this crazy world.

  3. D.K Says:

    It’s a rumor probably started by some cleveland fans, just so they can mess with his head during the finals.[Those fans are cruel]

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