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Soulja Boy – Conceited


New SB

5 Responses to “Soulja Boy – Conceited”

  1. devon. Says:

    u make me fukn sick u r fukn garbage u fukn coke head bich…

  2. stacks Says:

    yo you fucking suck your gay now

  3. stacks Says:

    you just a f*g wheres the hits you should get kicked off the label for putting out that bullshit i hope you die you f*g

  4. ? Says:

    get that money your bills are paid.his bank loves 2 c him coming!

  5. Dee Says:

    WTF!!!!soulja died nowwe see who dah real deandre is wich is a gay rapper wid wack asss songz but gud as beats..jus stop deandre & go back to soulja boy mr.pretty?? ha jus silly

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