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Goons After Prodigy? “F*ck Prodigy” Pt 1 of 2


fallout from Prodigy’s autobiography

4 Responses to “Goons After Prodigy? “F*ck Prodigy” Pt 1 of 2”

  1. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    Ok Prodigy. We know it’s you behind the mask. Tryin to promote ur book.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    n***a we know thats u with these lame azz attempts to sell books ………lame n***a u must be broke

  3. real talk Says:

    this n***a actually got copies of the books wtf… prodigy get from under that hood…. you aint fooling nobody…… lame attempt…. to get paid….. goofy a*s stunt dude.. goofy….

  4. freddrick charlez Says:

    if yall aint heard supreme clientele already then you would know he took a peg out wu-tang beef with fif and he’s doing the comedy thang cmon sun he got money he aint gotta sell a book it already sold!! haahaaaaaaa

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