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CNN Money Takes A Look Inside 50 Cent’s $10 Milion Dollar Connecticut Mansion


Living large

4 Responses to “CNN Money Takes A Look Inside 50 Cent’s $10 Milion Dollar Connecticut Mansion”

  1. Tiki Says:

    I can but I can’t even imagine living in that beautiful fine a*s house! 50 that house is georgeous! I would think I was at Disney World or a kid in a candy store! Lol. That there is when you know you have definitely made it big time, lol. I hate for you to have to sell it but it doesn’t make sense if you’re not there the majority of the time. It must be so nice and feel so good to be in the place and position that you are in. Especially when you can remember those days when you didn’t have any money or anything like that house. Failing was never an option for you Bossman and that ish paid off big time. The Desire, Dedication, Determination, Motivation your name needs to be in the dictionary by those words. You are definitely THE MAN! There is no other place for you to go but to continue rising to the top, top, top, because you’re already made it to the top. Keep rising and shining you deserve everything you have you work so hard. Much continued success and blessings to you ALWAYS. You are true motivation and inspiration.

  2. lulu Says:

    That ain’t 50 cent mansion, it ain’t nothing in there its empty. These rappers be lying. I didn’t see no cars, no furniture, no nothing.

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. dumb Says:

    @lulu are you dumb?

    obviously its 50’s house you can see a big mo’fucking G unit spinner painted across his sqaush room

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