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Kreayshawn On The White Girl Mob, Acting Ratchet & Almost Robbing Yung Berg


interview with iHiphop

8 Responses to “Kreayshawn On The White Girl Mob, Acting Ratchet & Almost Robbing Yung Berg”

  1. dan Says:

    typical white honky b***h. hahahaah

  2. ok Says:

    ugggh this fuckin oakland “hella” talk is awful…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    drop this b***h off in da hood she would die to b bach in da burbs

  4. Anonymous Says:

    go to school and get a job b4 you get robbed lmao

  5. Yo Yo Says:

    SMH !! Hip Hop is dead !! She probably rap better than all these wack a*s Southern rappers from the ATL , wack a*s niccas !! F**k Hip Hop !! She probably can suck a d**k pretty good .

  6. ? Says:

    she wants 2b black so bad!i bet if she had black skin she would kill her self.she cant handle our struggle.whites always stealing from a nigg.gtfoh wigg er!

  7. wtf Says:

    why was the person behind the camera snickering so much?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i wanna know who supped this grl up… how does smokin weed make u real? honestly baby you really pretty but u ruined it tryin to tell ppl what u think they want to hear… iam not hating if u wanna rap and u happy doing it, then do it… but dont b on this duck-head bullshit…ur personallity is garbage…sweetie just watch this tape of urself… if u dont see somthing wrong with urself then ur mentally retarted and none of us can b mad at u….sombody get this b***h a helmet and a whistle

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