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Huh? Diddy Changes His Name To “Swag”

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dude got jokes

6 Responses to “Huh? Diddy Changes His Name To “Swag””

  1. TIKI Says:

    Oh lord! Lol

  2. Swagless Says:

    He should change his name too irrelevant.

  3. swa bugatti Says:

    damb diddy you just wana take all a niggas names son i was calling myself swag bugatti well befor the bugatti boys track wit u and ross .. i dropped the two gs and its just swa now and now u wana call urself swagg.. just fukn sighn me n***a word.. im tired of u taking my s**t n i aint gettin paid forit..hahaha

  4. outkasts Says:

    Just call him F*G with no talent?

  5. Check i Says:

    Bunch of Goofy Niggaz with loot. ain’t on shyt but trying to brag. Swaf a f*g.its

  6. $ Says:


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