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Caught On Tape: Inmate Attacks Cop & Gets His A*s Whooped!

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A Cleveland, Ohio man picked a fight with the wrong police officer and he’s got the knots on his head to prove it.

29-year old Anthony Thomas was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse. While being booked into custody, Thomas jumps over a counter and attacks officer Bill Witt.

The two scrap for a couple of minutes before Witt, who is much bigger, grabs Thomas by the throat and starts choking him out.

Other officers then hear Witt calling for help and come in to help subdue Thomas.

Before the fight started Thomas told Witt he “could smell fear” on him. He should have smelled that a*s whooping coming

2 Responses to “Caught On Tape: Inmate Attacks Cop & Gets His A*s Whooped!”

  1. TIKI Says:

    What was he really thinking about? Lol SMH

  2. dom Says:

    thats the funniest s**t ever..lmfao

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