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Tee Grizzley Freestyles On Flex

April 29, 2017


Ra Ra Ft. T.I. – For The Money

April 29, 2017


T.I. – I Believe

April 28, 2017

Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks Straight Stuntin At Sues Rendezvous


DJ Kay Slay celebrates Straight Stuntin Magazine 4 Yr Anniversary at Sues Rendezvous alongside Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Styles P, Trav and a host of fat Asses!!

14 Responses to “Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks Straight Stuntin At Sues Rendezvous”

  1. terrell taylor Says:

    BET the mafia, rappers and the government are all working together they are using terrell taylor to be a insurance policy why the do business with terrorist organization im terrell taylor i would no a show aired on BET called bush screw america and a certain rapper was rappin about this years in advance he worth a mill on the low plus the weatherman said its a slight chance of snow we all no what the street term for snow is (cocaine) this is a drug game they playing america new the reccesion was coming so they had to come up with a backup plan and they try to beat me to the punch so they can discredit me they threatn to kill my family if they didnt obey i no everything from the fake wars to the cover up the government want me did

  2. terrell taylor Says:

    i meant want me dead

  3. tightbred Says:

    n***a what IZZZZZZZZZZZ you sayin


    S T F U

  5. shokilla Says:

    Nikka u r fukn stupidly crazy, stop smokin rocks n find a dam job!!!!!!

  6. deeznuzz Says:

    IS this new g unit music? Yay amd 50 on some new s**t. we need an album

  7. wow Says:

    Would be the perfect time for Lloyd Banks to perform that On The Double track..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    wheres banks spit

  9. I Says:

    learn to speak english, before you start bitching. that way we could understand what the f**k you’re talking about

  10. Tony Says:

    this is why i wanna be a rap star lol

  11. black crow Says:

    to all of the g unit niggas…keep doing what yall do and f**k all the haters…they will get back on yall d**k soon so keep yo head 2 the sky and yo feet on the ground if yall know what i mean.[black crow]one love 4 all real niggas and bitchs

  12. black crow Says:

    black crow…stay with the one’s that would never turn and 4 the one’s that did moyher f**k’em and keep it moven…keep yo head 2 the sky and yo feet on the ground…[one love 4 all rel niggas and bitchs…[black crow]

  13. Darkside21 Says:

    I like this video G-unit stay on some dope s**t i f_ _ks with them hard f**k them haters

  14. Tiki Says:

    Nice song minus the stripper hoes, lol. But that’s what men want to see so what can you do. Whatever. Lol

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