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Spider Loc – Khakis & Chuccs


Spider Loc – Khakis & Chuccs

4 Responses to “Spider Loc – Khakis & Chuccs”

  1. Curtis Jackson Says:


    Rest them knees brah. No one rocks chucks and khakis any more. You old head. You aint Daz either brah with that high pitched screechin. Everything you touch is garbage.

  2. ya @Lready......7 Says:


  3. ? Says:

    i bet u dont see any1 jumping spider.he would of shot or poked them lame bloods.40 held his own but if u a true g ur ready even on a bad day.his squad must not be eating cause they arent with him 2protect him.spider boyz eating good they havent let him get thats a true gangsta.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    keep it up loc f**k what those ho a*s n***a say you paid and they are broke!!!!

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