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Eddie Griffin Clowns On Lebron James During Comedy Routine


Eddie’s funny as hell

5 Responses to “Eddie Griffin Clowns On Lebron James During Comedy Routine”

  1. Zonique30 Says:

    Eddie Griffin is crazy! But you got to love him…

  2. seemorebutts Says:

    this is uuuhhhhmazing

  3. Tiki Says:

    Something is wrong with my computer. I can’t click on to any of thses videos. I guess I have to work work on that problem but I think I may know what it is though.

  4. Tiki Says:

    It’s just a white screen up there. That’s crazy. I hate that I can’t watch any of these videos. Hopefully I will get it worked out.

  5. TIKI Says:

    Eddie Griffin is a trip. He’s a funny guy. I went to one of his shows before and it was good I had a nice time.

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