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Nicki Minaj – Super Bass


off her ‘Pink Friday’ cd

6 Responses to “Nicki Minaj – Super Bass”

  1. edj Says:

    i love me some nicki! you one of my fantasies girl!

  2. $@LuT3......7 Says:


  3. booboo spirit Says:

    VIDEO diff/I like scale 1-10 I rate 8 1/2….

    booboo spirit~

  4. Tiki Says:

    I like the song and the video. Go Nicki, keep doing ya thing girl.

  5. Leo Says:

    Im not gonna lie Nicki minaj was lookin amazin in sum parts of the vid….like when she poured that pink stuff on her self……well im not gonna go there lol….n e way she was supa sexy..But I do think that this vid wud have be way better if you took out all the dudes

    Im jus sayin

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I would take all those boys Nicki, where did you did you find them?

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