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Inmate Fearing Hit From Las Zetas Refuses To Leave Prison. Attacks Guard [Caught On Tape]


PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. – A prison inmate who was minutes away from becoming a free man assaulted a detention officer to avoid being released, deputies say.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Alexandro Guerrero, 25, attacked the officer breaking his nose in order to get more jail time. Deputies say if released, Guerrero is afraid he will be killed. He told investigators there was a hit out on him by the Mexican drug cartel ‘Los Zetas.’ The violent group believes he was a snitch and was cooperating with local police.

For the past few years, Guerrero has been in prison trying to stay locked up. According to the Department of Corrections in order to remain in jail Guerrero has lit his cell on fire, made a weapon, thrown hot water in an officer’s face and refused to sign release forms.

Guerrero used to sell drugs for ‘Los Zetas’ in Yuma, Arizona when he was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

3 Responses to “Inmate Fearing Hit From Las Zetas Refuses To Leave Prison. Attacks Guard [Caught On Tape]”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Man you KNOW you gone get POPPED when you doing EVERYTHING in your POWER to have to STAY IN JAIL! That’s messed up!! Maybe he should just move to a different state VERY QUIETLY and just try to start a new life the best way that he can. That is really sad but he was snitching so what can he expect when/if he gets out but death from them if he stay in Yuma. :/

  2. 13 Says:

    @tiki it aint that easy yuma a small city and if ths dude got a contract on his head belive me its gonna get done as soon as he get out… the people know when yu getting out so homeboy might as well take it like a g

  3. B.E.B. Says:

    Take it like a g?? You obviously don’t know much about Zetas. These crazy a*s mexicans have no heart, no mercy, no guilt, they feel NOTHING. Anybody can shoot someone, the Zetas literally mutilate you. They dismember your limbs, decapitate you, skin you, and even cut off your d**k. Now you still wanna “take it like a g”? If you don’t believe me look it up, they post their killings online. Make these so called gangstas look like saints compared to them.

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