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Man Gunned Down Down In Cold Blood In Brooklyn, New York (Caught On Tape)

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Man Gunned Down Down In Cold Blood In Brooklyn, New York (Caught On Tape)

15 Responses to “Man Gunned Down Down In Cold Blood In Brooklyn, New York (Caught On Tape)”

  1. B.E.B. Says:

    P***y a*s niggas always talking that gangsta s**t, got straps, got choppas, 9’s. F**k all that p***y s**t. Yall niggas is all scared. Real niggas, no f**k that, REAL MEN don’t need weapons. They fight. All these niggas today are fucking pussies. Scared to box up with a n***a, scared to get a beat down. This s**t is sad, I hope this woman gets justice and the killer gets caught. P***y a*s n***a, probably just a hating a*s n***a too.

  2. 13 Says:

    he was out there working the spot must have been stepping on toes….streets aint safe from compton, to denver, to chicago,to brooklyn back down to atlanta head west to houston…… everybody a suspect f**k this n***a above me he a int from the streets

  3. Tiki Says:

    It ain’t safe anywhere these days and it’s very sad that people have to lose their life like that. And two more kids are going to be out here wthout a father. I guess all we can do is not live in fear but pray everyday and keep doing what we need to do to survive out here in positive ways.

  4. me Says:

    maaan u americans are so damn sad … hey i got an idea to stop the violence in your country get more guns!! typical america shixt

  5. Let's be real Says:

    I’d like to send my deepest condolences to the mother that just lost her son. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I am so sorry that your baby was taken from you like that. Such hatred. And for ‘me’, the one that left that Fucked up comment about americans, you are exactly like the ones you claim are so damns sad. A woman just lost her son, show some dignity and respect and offer your love and help instead of making stupid a*s jokes on an AMERICAN website. D**k head.

  6. Rocsteady Says:

    THe reporter said “anyone with information is urged “NOT” to call the NYPD”

  7. My Boro Says:

    this is @13. what spot are you talking about a*s wipe if you was listening to the reporter they said he was waiting for his cousin pasting back and forward. How you going to tell someone else they not from the street because they make a good point DUDES should put the GUNS down and fight it out if their a problem. Killing someone is easy they A*S WHIP-PEN is a hard one to take (pause). I’m from BKLYN and its crazy out here but Chumps don’t think they just do..

  8. big dude Says:

    13 is one of these p***y a*s niggas that is afraid of an a*s whoopin. Guarantee it. I despise the streets and it is one of the major issues that’s holding our people back. The sad part is is that the streets are glorified and worn like a badge of honor when in reality, its a big burden and a roadblock for our success.

  9. Sam Says:

    I express my condolences to the mother of this young man, his pregnant girlfriend and the entire family. I pray that our God who is the Father of the fatherless will guide and protect those little children whose father life is taken away from them. And pray that whoever is responssible will be arrested.May God blessand protect New York and the United States. AMEN.

  10. B.E.B. Says:

    F**k you n***a. You sound just like the p***y a*s niggas that I was talking about. F**k n***a. I am from the streets n***a, I don’t need no heat cuz I ain’t scared to MAN UP. This n***a think he hard E-Thuggin and s**t lol….

    @My Boro
    Real talk, thats exactly what I’m trying to point out

  11. Anonymous Says:

    What’s truly sad is the fact that black people have been conditioned to hate ourselves. We won’t think twice about killing and checking another brother. Your hatred should be redirected to the individuals who “created” the conditions where you live. “They” allow guns, drugs and violence to rob the essence of our communities. I’m not violent, but if try to lay hands on me……(and I don’t care who you are), I will try my best to send you to the cemetery (Malcom X)! This fool shooter better thank the most high his victim was a tourist. I’m not from Bk but still a vet. Better know who you fuccin with.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    that n***a yea wha he was doing u got to keep that heat son

  13. Anonymous Says:

    n u cant buss no heads rite dere on nostrand way 2 many cops. son was jus minding is biz. look like mistaken idenity 2 me. eitha way it was senseless

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Did u see how scared he was, when he was busting his gun. Soft. He is going to die slow. Ah yaadi seh dat!

  15. Sherm Says:

    B.E.B.E knows what he is talking about…..Only cowards need weapons and/or gangs. I was into the gang life when I was a young shithead, then I became a MAN and left all of that nonsense where it belongs, in the past and out of my life.

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