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Tupac Uncensored & Uncut: The Lost Prison Tapes (Full Documentary)


Tupac Uncensored & Uncut: The Lost Prison Tapes

6 Responses to “Tupac Uncensored & Uncut: The Lost Prison Tapes (Full Documentary)”

  1. n3xT L3vEL m!RR0r v!$!0n......7 Says:

    …….REAL t@LK this $h!t F33L L!ke a DRE@M…….

  2. banger Says:

    Awesome, R.I.P PAC!!!!

  3. west Says:

    2pac is a smart man, why did they kill him!!
    this nearly made me cry

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i wonder if pac ever saw that most gangsters don’t c things like he does………….

  5. swa bugatti Says:

    rest in peace pac …. missed but never fukn forgottn my favorite altime,, u r an icon to me and a intelligent man that was unmistakinly misunderstood .. how dare the motha f**k@s who no nothing about the hood u came from tell u ur destroying the hood when the onli hood most ov them ever ben was there jacket. one time for pac THUG LIFE

  6. poppa Says:

    Tupac was good until Suge got him out!!!! HIS HEAD WAS ON RIGHT

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