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Maino Speaks About Police Brutality

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Maino Speaks About Police Brutality

2 Responses to “Maino Speaks About Police Brutality”

  1. $@Lut3......7 Says:


  2. M.O.E Says:

    Real talk maino tru g my n***a we feel it down here in the beantown to my n***a even though we got rivialery with Ny in everything but we suffer with the same s**t and imagine are city way smaller my dude i know exactly what you talking about homey yeah got alot family down there in flatbush chilled down there an the police in new york is crazy homey real talk SHOUTS OUT TO BK AND MAINO MAN 80 KEEP UR HEAD MY G F**K ALL COPS BOSTON WHAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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