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Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017


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July 17, 2017


Vain @itsvain – 7th Chamber Freestyle

July 15, 2017

Olivia – December (Music Video)



14 Responses to “Olivia – December (Music Video)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Its over Olivia! Quit your day job…. Foreal!

  2. big time Says:

    man i love olivia but this s**t is garbage . look its not over call 50 make up and do what you use to do . this not a good look or sound . oh yea f**k darell b***h n***a.g-unit .

  3. Anonymous Says:

    THIS S**T IS WACK !!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think people should just forget about what they know about her,because if I didn’t know her from before I would Love this..I mean it’s a really good song. It’s alot better then she was doing before,but I still have this image of her as an old cougar 50 was trynna bone.So he threw her a deal.She was way too mature for that group.Way too deep. She shoulda just held out for a better deal…She shoulda just been real from the start. It’s hard to start over.

  5. F**k This Industry Says:

    id smash her back doors in, thats about it !

  6. aellison187 Says:

    yea i hear a lot of hatin goin on ,thts a good as song and i only had 2 listen to it once to know dat………

  7. Tiki Says:

    It’s ok considering I don’t want to be talking smack before I start back writing for myself, Lol.

  8. Big Serg Says:

    This is actually one of her best songs. I could actually to hear this on the radio. I dont know why people just call it wack. Some of you fools dont know anything about music. Very nice beat and song content is nice. Her singing wasnt bad either. This song sounds like a lot of work was put into it. If she was a new artist, this song could open a lot of doors for her. I dont understand why people hate her so much. Ah well………………….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    G U NOT

  10. bigsid Says:

    that s**t is wack she should stop singing please she has no talent im glad 50 dropped her stop singing b***h u killing my ears gggggggggg unit 4 life

  11. D. Says:

    Olivia NICE keep it up Girl, Yall need to forget she was with the UNIT(G-Unit forever) and just let he build her own career, keep hustling Olivia

  12. Anonymous Says:

    its ok but i dnt think its enough to pop back on da scene, she gone need something dat catch everybdys attention, something dat mak u wana get up and dance , not dis

  13. lil bit Says:

    Its a kl song Olivia ppl jus hv their opinion nd thts ok cuz onli wut u sai reali matters. Though to be real wut the ppl sai bout yo song matters bout yo career but dnt let em get to ya just keep tryen i lik thz song.

  14. abcde Says:

    wow u are good olivia u r my new role modle

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