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Security Camera Captures Brazil Students Running From Gunman, 11 Killed

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Will horrors against children never cease?  Now this crazy syndrome has surfaced in at the Tasso da Silveira Municipal School in Brazil.  A gunman walked in to a school in Brazil and opened fire – killing and injurying many innocent students.

A student who had been shot in the face made his way to the street and asked a police officer for help.  After entering the school, the officer heard shooting and found the gunman walking up the stairs to the third floor.

As with so many times in the past, we see horrified and worried parents as they wait to hear the fate of their child; hoping that it was not one of those killed or injured. Pray for these families who must face this terrible tragic unnecessary assault on their children.

He was identified as a former student of the school.  Wellington Menezes de Olivira, 23, was shot in the leg by the officer and fell down the stairs.  And at that point turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head.   The motive was not known at the time of this breaking story.

2 Responses to “Security Camera Captures Brazil Students Running From Gunman, 11 Killed”

  1. big south Says:

    rip to all the kids who lost there life and my prays go out to there family as well my pray go out to everybody dat were injured as well

  2. Tiki Says:

    That is sad, bad and crazy! Yeah RIP to all the kids that lost their life over one person’s madness.

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