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Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Massive Brawl Caught On Tape At Webbie Concert



5 Responses to “Massive Brawl Caught On Tape At Webbie Concert”

  1. OG POODER Says:

    ia am stunnd , i dont know what to say . ppl paying good money to be beaten on by security . arn’t they there to stop the fighting,, there were some pretty big guys getting knockd out ,fuckin shame .. why didnt they turn the lights on to stop that s**t .And then those dumbass mfer were doing it on camera . white ppl will watch this s**t and think we are all animals and for b/c somebody steppd on sombodies shoe or spilld beer on them …assholes..i wouldnt spend a dime on any artist or merchandise a*s. with this show .. on camera are u serious .niggas dont even take pics with they homies .. and here theses geniuses are committing AGG. ASSAULT on cameras .. i wonder how many times the poolice done slowd this down a rewound it .. think ..

  2. Curtis Jackson Says:

    Black people are animals.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    it carzy nd tha hood n***a keep that heat with u mang im getting me some mang u feel me darmmmmmmmmmmmm tell my niggas about dis s**t mang

  4. R,I 28GRAMS Says:

    the guy who got rocked with tht sneak punch right before the gun (shot him) does even know he got shot. he justs walks off, he dazed then a sumbit@h , did he live? damn he rode out for his mans ,RESPECT

  5. Anonymous Says:

    DATZ NIGGAZ FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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