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Jim Jones Comes After Somaya Reece’s MGR For Talking Ish About Him & Chrissy


Capo on the show ‘Love and Hip Hop’

10 Responses to “Jim Jones Comes After Somaya Reece’s MGR For Talking Ish About Him & Chrissy”

  1. JAY RICH Says:


  2. HogHeadCheese Says:

    Really? What the f**k is this n***a Jimmy really gonna do on camera… Indict himself?? Get the f**k outta here!! Word??

  3. POOHDIDDY Says:

    That some real soft Jim Jones you didnt need to bring those fake f*g a*s body guard from the hood. why you could see Shorty by yourself I wish shorty had a team to back him up. Keep listering to your WACK a*s HOE a REAL dude not going to get set up like that. A real dude would have wrap you and your men and them up . That was a F*G move.

  4. Phukwututhink Says:

    this s**t is staged as f**k

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. JC Says:

    Oh shut up!!!!! These niggas wanna hate on Jimmy! But if yall were to get in his face yall would be d**k riding and some more s**t. “Oh Jimmy! Can I get an autograph????” Yall the faggots for talkin that s**t!



  8. A-1 butta baby Says:

    Nah he got his BODYGUARD to move on him. That’s fake right there. Stop shouting about BRAND, BRAND, BRAND, that’s a just a b***h a*s overzealous broke bodyguard trying to get that check.

  9. angel Says:

    jim did nothin wrong but step to his a*s for being disrespectful. somaya his a drag queen lookin wanna be nicki minaj and her security guard looks like speedy fuckin gonzalez…..

  10. loppy Says:

    I don’t see where jim was wrong I think he did the right thing if anyone says anything to my girl or my sisters I would do the same thing fuckin thing and I don’t care if its a weak a*s man like the dude jim step to or a hood a*s n***a no man has no right disrespectin a female like that and as for his bodyguards being there yall mutha fuckas already know that’s how the hood does all for one. if you f**k with one you f**k with all everybodys gonna flip. don’t act like yall don’t know how it gets down in the hood . I’m not a fan of jim jones but he gets big props for steppin to man for being disrespectful to is queen. I’m out

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