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Cot Damn! College Student Gets KTFO!



6 Responses to “Cot Damn! College Student Gets KTFO!”

  1. BULL Says:

    The one who threw the punch is such a punk!
    Look at that vid again, you will see:
    as soon as the guy looks away, then that punk throws a punch!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this s**t is FAKE!!! this fool got knocked out by a shoulder punch… lol this cant be true…

  3. hoffizle Says:

    Sucka punches are for bitches that can’t fight!

  4. ms 13 Says:

    hes soft got him of guard p***y as nikka

  5. DEE Says:

    You never take your eye off niggas. You talkin s**t. You don’t sense the energy? you don’t see niggas getting hyped up and edgy? You take your eye off before settling or peacing up? foolish. That’s what this thing is about. if you out there talking s**t like you got it like that, you need to have it like that. Dude who got punched is a sucka.

  6. hitler Says:

    p***y as b***h he didnt have the balls to let him kno that s**t was gonna go down

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