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Max B – Blowin My High (Music Video)


‘Vigilante Season’

3 Responses to “Max B – Blowin My High (Music Video)”

  1. d. Says:

    u kno it and i kno it- Max b makes good music menn….he puts out good materials-newayz i kno tha guy is killing many mc’ s in the industry right now…and he ‘ s not even out to promote he’ s s**t right. Ok it’ s may be impossible now but i wish a hit with him and jimmy-those two style will bring armageddon in the game …but hey-this is my 2011 green song- ”rozay stop blowing my high”

  2. DON Says:

    Well music is tough.. Max my guy too but who thought they edited this video well needs to be shot…

  3. dtc Says:

    Free Max B they gave em’ 75, #HipHopIsDead

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