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Michigan Authorities Investigate Cop Shooting Unarmed Man

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Cops were following this guy on suspicion of domestic abuse

3 Responses to “Michigan Authorities Investigate Cop Shooting Unarmed Man”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Normally I be like f**k the police ,But f**k this n***a. This n***a knew what the f**k he was doing. N***a if you gonna get out the car and run you at least need to have your hands up before you run. He wanted to get shot. I dont see anything corrupt about this video.

  2. YoungN Says:

    that b***h popped him she thought he was reaching cuz he was facing her straight if he just ran without looking at the cop ,never would have happened

  3. telo Says:

    that b***h was scared ,thats y she popped him, b***h need a new gig

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