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Chris Brown Breaks Dressing Room Window, Storms Out Of ABC Interview Following Rihanna Questions

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Chris Brown Breaks Dressing Room Window, Storms Out Of ABC Interview Following Rihanna Questions

10 Responses to “Chris Brown Breaks Dressing Room Window, Storms Out Of ABC Interview Following Rihanna Questions”

  1. MR humble Says:


  2. gfr Says:

    @ Mr Humble b***h No storm out WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Anonymous Says:

    he should have beat that b***h.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    After lookiing at that interview. I think she did that on purpose and he hint to her a couple of time (thats the pass) and iam not here to discuss that issue. I am here to promote my cd F.A.M.E. Why is it that he is the only one that gets the hit but other cele dum a*s makes the same or worst mistake u dont her from no more..I thonk she did that one purpose to remind people of what he did.

  5. ATLsnug Says:

    this b***h was outta line simple as that she whe have only ask the ?’s that he approved and sometime flipping out is a way of try to show that you’ve moved on and when someone brings up a touchy subject it strikes a nerve and you cant fight off your emotions

  6. d. Says:

    on krizzle side here- f those bitches

  7. J Says:

    Robin Roberts is a Bi*ch..
    never liked her, and now will never like her again for sure!!!!!

  8. Riley Freeman Says:

    Robin Roberts old Uncle Tom a*s! Black people are always viewed under a microscope, even by our own kind if not worse. What Chris Brown did was inexcusable, but he also served his punishment by law. Bringing up that situation 2 years later on the day his album is being released is fucked up. That shows how fucked up the American media is, and how far they will go to get a story. Instead of worrying about a commercialized domestic violence case from 2 years ago, we need to worry about this new war in Libya and how this is going to financially cripple the United States and make us vulnerable to our enemies. Wake up people! Start asking questions!

  9. Tiki Says:

    I would have been upset too. We all know what happened Chris and Rihanna are both still trying to move pass that issue and subject because people and the media won’t let that rest. Robin was way out of line. She kept bringing the subject up and everytime Chris tried to change the subject and said he was there to talk about his new album. I hope she felt a little bad because she caused that reaction. It wasn’t a good one. When you know you have done something wrong/bad did your punishment for it, and really trying to move forward and people won’t let that happen that will stir up a lot of emotions. It’s a new day and people should really let that subject rest out of the respect for both of them.

  10. neisha Says:

    wow.. she was really wrong for that.. i saw the look on his face when she kept asking him that! he still kepy his cool 🙂 proud of him!!

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