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Savannah, Georgia Police Assault People Involved In Fight

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11 Responses to “Savannah, Georgia Police Assault People Involved In Fight”

  1. maine Says:

    on some real talk if these cop get arrested im a riot because this happens to black people all the time. now those white people got what black people get all the time

  2. YoungN Says:

    wtf is up with the commercials this s**t bullshit mane fuckk yall nigguz at boobootv hoe azz modafuckaz fuckyour dishwasher b***h i swear on mah mumma life im a murk one of yall dishwashing azz nigguz

  3. Anonymous Says:

    they about to get paid for that s**t cause i would sue

  4. YoungN Says:

    hahah they deserved that s**t hitting my car like that i would f**k you up,n that b***h got pepper sprayed hahahah ahahah f**k that b***h looked so funny and her man is a b***h a*s nigguh he fine doe .no h**o

  5. kill or be killed or just die naturally Says:

    1:52 stop look at the cops hand hahahahah damn he sprayed that s**t in her eyes like a modafucka

  6. Anonymous Says:

    f**k your dishwasher

  7. MusicFiend Says:

    to be real I’m glad they got it. I’m not for police brutality but these spolied white kids get away with everything and it’s about time they got treated as such. Think next time b***h/

  8. Anonymous Says:

    niggas r wildly mang need heat mang u feel me

  9. aka g hood Says:

    damr mang niggas r wildy mang need heat in dis b***h can trust white people dis is why mang

  10. Doo Says:

    haha they didnt even know how to act when the police came you can tell that was there first encounter with the popo haha pig on pig violence

  11. WordUp! Says:

    Best video of the year! You notice that the white kids thought that the cops would be on their side but little did they know that their foolishness couldn’t be whitewashed away that night.

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