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Lil B – Think I’m Based God (Music Video)


Lil B

9 Responses to “Lil B – Think I’m Based God (Music Video)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    tha n***a suck!!! this tha type of music you listen to when you wanna commit suicide!!! no lie its hella depressing and borring!!!

  2. HogHeadCheese Says:

    Really Son??? Get the F**K OUTTA HERE, this s**t is FUCKING WHACK!!!!!!! The recession is killing music too, JESUS CHRIST!!!

  3. Mr. Morgan Says:

    First I am against internet hating; but that n***a is gay. No really gay that lamo tweeted he was going to f**k kanye in his a*s if he wouldn’t work with him. P.S. nose rings, lip rings tongue rings and hoop earrings are not for men. Cut it out not cool.

  4. romello Says:

    follow me at thisisromello this n***a is wack az but hey gettting paid 2 be wack

  5. theworst Says:

    yo i will smack the s**t out this f*g

  6. Anonymous Says:

    the fucking worst rapper ever

  7. Mr. Tatted Up Says:

    This dude make Waka sound like Nas. Thats how trash this dude is.

  8. bangC Says:

    b***h i am earl boykins lol

  9. Based For Life ! Says:


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