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50 Cent – All About Dough [Audio]


pure fiya!

6 Responses to “50 Cent – All About Dough [Audio]”

  1. Tiki Says:

    Yeah that’s fiya! Writing just comes so natural that’s good. I have to work on my song writing skills.

  2. bk Gh0$t......7 Says:

    7……FuXW!t iT $@LuT3……7

  3. jweb Says:

    man this s**t go fucking hard…i keep listening to it over and over again
    thanks man 50 ur really an inspirition

  4. d. Says:

    yo i’ m at 00 :17 and i’ m already writing- classsic !!!!! for tha morning hunger

    yessss my mp3 is breathing again haha-now let’s go back.-serious s**t

  5. d. Says:

    ..and he said a morning s**t too-hahaa-i got the hiphop’ s ears

  6. YoungN Says:

    this fifftys beats he kills dis anyday even doe he rich now and still talking robbing and yayo ,s**t is still dope his voice is the reason real motivational

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