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Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull – On The Floor (Music Video)



6 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull – On The Floor (Music Video)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love it very nice and it was different

  2. Tiki Says:

    I like the video it’s cool. J Lo is cool too. I remember when she was an SWV (I hope that’s right) girl on In Living Color. Wow she has come a long way and has done very well in her career. Continued blessings to J Lo.

  3. QB Says:

    @ Tiki she was a Fly girl on In Living Color. SWV was an R&B group in the 90’s. The was ok reminds me of her old stuff.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    horrible…i dont understand how she judging on american idol and makin ova $20million, when she cant even sing? only good part of the song is Pittbulls verse…after that, all i hear is “on the floor”…thats the best u can do JLO?

  5. Tay Tay Says:

    is not how u can sing, which is sad but how sexy you are which she is very sexy latina. Personally she’s not the best singer but she stands out very well….Go JLO!!!!

  6. analee Says:

    i like thiz song :):) i wuz
    april 29,2011

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