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Lil Wayne – 6’7′ Feat. Cory Gunz (Official Music Video)


Lil Wayne – 6’7′ (Feat. Cory Gunz) (Official Music Video) 2011

15 Responses to “Lil Wayne – 6’7′ Feat. Cory Gunz (Official Music Video)”

  1. YoungN Says:

    whn u combine theze two nikkaz together you still dont come close to 6’7

  2. Anonymous Says:

    bro that shitt was fuckin awesome my n***a

  3. eddie Says:

    lil wayne + cory gunz = grammy record of the year + hip hop album of the year

  4. bk gH0$t Says:

    7……FuXw!t it $@LuT3……7

  5. Anonymous Says:

    cory gunz after signin for young money f**k u ….50 get da mufucker wanye as target

  6. Tiki Says:

    I love the song the video was cool.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    dat n***a a beast nohomo

  8. Anonymous Says:

    too bad em got that award. waynes a beast an all but em go the hardest

  9. Curtis Jackson Says:

    Not feeling it.

  10. ganzie loc Says:

    these cats smokin like suges cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kenneth Says:

    the best fucking music alive

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